Our strength resides in a team of qualified, expert and specialised professionals who contribute their experience and commitment to each of the projects taken on by the company, with a shared vision of international business and a pooled methodology. JAVALAND"s expertise is based on the professionalism and personal track records of our human assets.


José MuroIts founding partner, José Francisco Muro Gil, Ph.D. (cum laude) in International Economics (Universidad Complutense de Madrid - UCM), is the company CEO. Specialised in Internationalisation projects with Development Cooperation Institutions, he has 30 years" managerial experience and as economist in projects for economic development and company internationalisation . He has worked on the identification and selection of projects, drafting of proposals, negotiation of contracts and management and implementation of bi-lateral and multi-lateral projects with: the European Commission, IADB, FOMIN, WB, PNUD, CAF, Government Agencies, etc. His entire professional activity is related to Foreign Trade, in private companies (AZERTIA Tecnologías de la Información), financial institutions (Banco Exterior de España-BBVA), foreign promotion and internationalisation institutions (ICEX, FOCOEX, Expansión Exterior -nowadays P4R) and universities (Alcalá de Henares University and Madrid Complutense University). This provides coherence and methodological thoroughness to his approaches and his work, and knowledge, based on experience, which affords a pragmatic perspective in the way he faces international projects and challenges.
He has developed export strategies and procedures, instruments and programmes and he has created a Methodology for undertaking projects with Multilateral Institutions. He also has ample experience in the management and in the evaluation of projects for most multilateral institutions. He was lecturer on International Economy and Foreign Trade for several years at the Alcalá University and collaborator on the Foreign Trade Master at the Comillas University (ICADE), as well as speaker in different forums on multilateral entities and company internationalisation.


ManosWe have a small team of professionals, regular collaborators who have been chosen "ad hoc" based on their proven career, whose experience and features are summarised below. They are supported by a wider group of carefully chosen collaborators, who come from the institutional and business world, with a proven track record and technical solidity in our areas of work, which allows us to build the team that is best suited to each project.
We also have a large network of local collaborators in different countries, selected over 30 years, who enjoy great professional prestige and are leaders in their sectors and countries. They provide us with local support in a large number of markets, mainly in Latin America and Eastern Europe. Each project requires this support in order to be undertaken with the necessary local knowledge and with guarantee for success.


The professional team that is JAVALAND"s main strength in different areas of responsibility is led and directed by the following specialists:


Pascual Pérez Muñoz, Bachelor of Law. A professional with over 30 years" experience in the specific field of Management and International Implementation of projects. He has a very solid and ample experience in the drafting of proposals and international management of development aid projects, which places him in the best position to advise and train in this discipline. Most of his professional career, after several engineering companies, has been in Foreign Expansion (FOCOEX) as Director of Implementation. Member of the Executive Committee and Member of the Operations Committee with participation in the production of objectives, planning, coordination and supervision of Management activity. He was General Director for 6 years in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica and head of all its operations in those countries.


David Camino Blasco,University Professor in Economics at the Carlos III University of Madrid. Ph.D. in Economics. Master in Business Administration from the University of Harvard. Expert in company analysis and Foreign Trade. Director of the Financial Analysis Master"s Degree at the Carlos III University of Madrid and Director of the Finance and Management Master"s Degree (online) of the University Postgraduate Institute (IUP) of the Universities of Alicante, Barcelona Autonomous and Carlos III of Madrid. Director, organiser or speaker of specialised postgraduate courses on: Foreign Trade, Project Evaluation, Cost and Effectiveness. Extensive corporate experience as coordinator, teacher and researcher on projects in several countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia. Consultant to the EU, IADB and AECI on financial issues, competence policy, project evaluation and institutional strengthening. Multiple publications on international trade, company internationalisation, public and corporate finances, micro-finances, credit, insurance and reciprocal guarantee systems, financial promotion, etc.


Carlos Ochoa Castaño, economist and master in corporate communication with 14 years" professional experience, specialised in consultancy projects for the private and institutional sector in the promotion of internationalisation, sector analysis and communication/ marketing. Experienced in projects for the main Spanish Foreign Promotion Agencies (ICEX, Extenda, PromoMadrid, Asturex, Excal, among others) as well as IADB projects in Central America. He has also produced dozens of reports on the Spanish market for consultancy companies and firms specialised in sector analysis.


José Ángel López-Herrerías, economist with over 12 years" professional experience. He specialises in consultancy projects and technical assistance in the fields of internationalisation and development of the private sector, as well as in international trade, promotion of exports and investments. He is an expert both in projects financed by the main multilateral institutions, European Commission, World Bank and IADB, and the main foreign promotion agencies (ICEX, EXTENDA, EXCAL, etc.). He has ample international experience and has worked in most of the Central and South American countries and in several ACP countries of Africa and the Caribbean.


Juan Hernández Ortiz, Agronomist engineer with 36 years" experience. Project Director in engineering and consultancy firms (INYPSA, ETASA), and international market development. Projects developed mainly relating to rural and urban land survey, agronomic projects, records and inventories, technical assistance and consultancies for Cooperation with the European Union in turnkey social projects. He has participated in numerous bids and managed projects abroad, mainly in Latin America.


José Luis Domínguez Recio, Civil Engineer (ETSICCP of Madrid), Master in Business Administración (MBA) from ESADE. He holds a degree in Commerce and International Financing of Projects (CECO). He has 25 years" experience in technical departments of construction companies and engineering and consulting firms, and in the international market development in several countries of America, Africa and Asia. He has experience in the areas of trade finance, export of commodities and services with P4R (formerly EXPANSION EXTERIOR-FOCOEX) in projects financed by the main multilateral institutions (World Bank, Inter-American Development Bank, European Union,"). He has directed the implementation of contracts both in the services and equipment, goods and supplies areas.


Gonzalo Peña Puigmoltó, Law studies, master in General Business Administration (IESE), master in Project Management (EOI). 25 years in international consultancy for development as project manager, consultant and company manager. He has ample experience in American, African and Eastern European countries in a) social sectors and governability; b) multisector programmes in design, offer and implementation of projects for infrastructures, equipment, global management, technical assistance and training. Director of Health Programmes with Eptisa Internacional. Managing Director of Techassist 1994-2005 (consultancy in developing countries); Subdirector of International Projects with Eductrade 1992-94 (educational and health equipment) and Project Director with Ibadesa 1986-92 ("turnkey" projects abroad). Lecturer on International Project Management for the International Business Administration master (MIB) at the Comillas University (Madrid)


Fernando Iniesta Soria, Ph.D. in Corporate Finances (UAM) Dissertation on Structured Financing and Project Finance. IESE Business School. Master in Business Administration (MBA). Expert on Investment Analysis. Drafting of bids, project finance, financial modelling and feasibility studies for new projects. Business opportunities analysis. Expert in Finances, Business Consultancy, Investment Analysis, Financial Modelling and Project Finance. He has a ten-year track record and extensive international experience. He was Head of the Investment Analysis Department with Itinere Infraestructuras (Grupo Sacyr Vallehermoso), and Consultancy Manager with Europraxis (Grupo Indra). He has ample experience in competitive tenders.


Javier Sanchez Rodriguez, Bachelor of Law and of Political Science (UAM), Degree in European Institutions and in Foreign Trade (UAM) and International Business (CECO), Master in Project Management (MPM - University La Salle-Ramón Llull).Specialist in corporate promotion, export and investments. He has worked for 17 years in the public and private sectors relating to international Business, export and investment promotion, corporate cooperation and multilateral institutions, including dialogue and negotiations with public institutions and company associations. He masters the theoretical concepts and he has a solid experience in the design and implementation of programmes for export promotion and internationalisation in the private sector. Application of horizontal and vertical support programmes to individual company internationalisation plans. Identification, design and implementation of training and institutional strengthening programmes for public organisations and the private sector. Ample theoretical and practical knowledge of project methodology, logical framework design and management of the project"s life cycle.



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