Consultancy for the Private Sector

Cooperation and promotion with private companies
Lastly, in the private sector JAVALAND provides consultancy and assistance to clients in operations such as the following:

foto ilustrativa charlaJavaland provides consultancy and training for private companies in the definition and setting up of business plans and internationalisation policies, as well as in the access to projects in competitive bids and tenders by Multilateral Development Institutions (MDIs).
Our activity is focused on sustainable development projects, financed by MDIs (European Union, Inter-American Development Bank, World Bank, BERF, CAF, BCIE, BAD, PNUD, etc.) or by bilateral donor funds for development projects (FAD, FEV, Consultancy Funds, etc.).
The focus on results, the aim to serve our clients and flexibility when undertaking and outlining projects are our defining features. We provide imaginative solutions in the drafting of Bids, extensive experience in contracting and negotiation, a strong initiative and pragmatism in our solutions.


We offer companies our assistance to:

  • Find and select opportunities that offer a true potential.
  • Identify and provide potential partners and local collaborators.
  • Cooperate in the drafting and structuring of bids suited to each individual case and MDI.
  • Advise on the manner in which to approach each project and on the commercial action.
  • Support in contract negotiation.
  • Contribute to signing cooperation agreements with other companies.
  • Provide active networking with contracting organisms in order to focus the proposals.

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