What do we offer and to whom?

Foto ilustrativa libroJAVALAND works in four spheres that are closely interrelated, although each has its own identity.

1. We first participate in the different stages of the project cycle, specifically in the identification, implementation and evaluation of projects financed by multilateral development institutions.

2. Secondly, we assist governments and public institutions in designing and establishing strategies, plans and programmes to improve competitiveness in the private sector with views to internationalisation, through the design, review and implementation of programmes to support internationalisation. To this same purpose we have developed innovative methodologies and programmes for advancing Foreign Trade and we have provided consultancy in the definition and implementation of policies for promoting exports.

3. Thirdly, we work with the private sector, by providing assistance to the managerial teams in the review and debate of strategies and business plans for internationalisation and on their mechanisms and systems for approaching and managing projects. At company level we provide assistance in improving their competitiveness and their profits abroad, supporting them in their business plans, in their commercial activities and in the structuring of projects and proposals.

4. Finally, in fourth place, we impart ad hoc training programmes designed by us, specialising in aspects of foreign trade, competitiveness and multilateral institution"ôs projects.



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