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JAVALAND is a technical assistance and international consulting company, specialising in enterprise internationalisation and Export Promotion.
We are particularly active in project funded by Aid Development Multilateral Institutions.
We work with the Agencies that assist in company internationalisation, both at a regional and national level.


  • Focused on Aid Development projects financed by Multilateral Institutions
  • Specialised in company internationalisation, Promotion of Foreign Trade and enterprise competitiveness
  • We provide Technical Assistance for Governments and Institutions
  • We design methodologies and programmes and implement strategic plans and internationalisation projects
  • We provide direct assistance to companies during their internationalisation procedures
  • Our company is based in Madrid and we have ongoing operations and projects throughout the world
  • Since our beginnings in early 2003, our reputation for excellence and efficiency has become consolidated during these years of hard work, and is based on three main points:
    • A focus that is always very practical and efficient
    • A very conscientious and self-demanding performance
    • We find solutions to the problems faced by our clients

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